Zora’ce (Zo-rah-say) is a female Anthropomorphic Zebra Goddess of sex, love, and weakness. She exists as a concubine to The Master and has had her body redesigned several times to please him as well as herself. It is a very loving relationship that flourished during her adventures in his service and has now become a permanent staple in their monthly and sometimes daily routine. She manages a temple on the rim of the Thuris Forest where her original journey began. Her array of acolytes all wish to win her favor as her magicks make the act of sexual intercourse an affair that several sacrifice their entire lives trying to attain.

Those who stay in her temple feed her by pairing up in groups of two or more and mating. Children are not born here as all energies used during these delightful acts turns to feed Zora’ce. However if one so wishes they may request the right to bare a child within the temple however under the terms of the ownership of the child's innocence. This has not happened for 10 years since the last child to be taken by Zora’ce has become her second in command in the temple and many fear losing their station there to a new child she could toy with.

Each night all residents are required to mate, and the following day clean someone else's room and take whatever they wish as a memento from another room as long as they leave something they used the previous night. The temple uses the most state of the art cleaning tools in the multiverse to make sure that any biotic on the objects traded is utterly obliterated leaving a pristine love making device afterward.

A very promiscuously playful sort she takes several mortals into her chambers every night to show them the virtue of sexuality and the inherent desire for experimentation in all her acolytes. However this will never satiate her as many mortals are unable to survive her appetites and she viciously seeks one with the spiritual stamina to thrive in the environment she so carefully constructed. Her eyes however fall on one protected by one who she cares for deeply and cannot meddle with. Yet still hope stands as an underling to the one she aimed to steal away with. Now she just waits for her chance.

In order to maintain her immortality she must go visit the source of her divinity once a month and appease him. The Master proclaims himself her owner and she delightfully accepts her role as subservient to him as he shows her pleasures that go beyond the mortal mind she was born with that she desires to share with all sentience she can grace with her presence. Every month they wrap each other in a deep rapport of desire falling over the term of the day fusing with his nexus of power and reshaping each others very essence. Each time the Master makes adjustments to her form he finds fitting for her station and sends her off eagerly awaiting her next visit which can come many more times than her required monthly visit.