The Varalse, is an orginization devoted to the cultivation and curation of all sentience throughout all existence. Seeking to force all life to a better future through constant assault with forces challenging beings very right to exist.

A very secritive but cruel group, The Varalse band together in a mutual hatred wrought upon them by their host universe. They are the downtrodden and misunderstood who have a sickness in their hearts that puts their minds into a state where they are Resonant with the Archetype and the system that reaches out to create more of their ill begotten kind. However the group is cursed, as accepting the powerful knowledge that is broadcast to them trhough dimensions they also sign away their morality.

Created by a forgotten Progenitor they move foreward to either subjugate,

Varalse are beings who were victimized to the point of hatred consuming them. So far gone that death of others or self was the only recourse the Archetype itself reaches out to them corrupting them with knowledge of tools able to make entire universes fall to their will. Filling their mind with corrupted knowledge beyond mortal understanding they are goaded into having the very essence of their being, their mind, and their biology be re-written in service of the Varalse. In turn they must follow tenants not in fear of death, but in fear of having themselves lost. Beyond memories and experiences their bodies may act against their will to do things they never would, forced to experience acts of such horrible magnitude that many Varalse have fallen to madness within their twisted shell. Letting their bodies conduct their business as they were built to with viciously calculated precision.

Backstory Edit

The Varalse were created by a forgotten force known as the Progenitor. It is kept unknown by forces within the Varalse themself as it is irrelevant to them who or why they exist just that they do. While a young force of order in the universe they are currently the most dominant due to the way they gain power by directly absorbing all life they come into contact with.