The Master (La'Buthiel)
RedMage by FantasyAce
Vital statistics
Position Founding Deity
Age 3.56 billion
Status alive
Physical attributes
Height Mutable
Weight Mutable

The Master, also know as The Father, Adam, and La'buthiel was a being designed to pursue and collect data on the Force of Creation. Made sentient by his creators, The Eversought, so he could adapt to any situation presented and collect data as he saw fit since he creators valued the opinions of autonomous beings over that of machines.

A being of intensely unimaginable quantities of energy and power contained in a body fashioned by beings beyond the concept of gods he maintains balance and control over Anaveria using the vast power of his birthright. Adopted father of the Arche-Lords also known as the Gods of Aniveria, however powerless they may be, he guides the world toward the best future he can.

His initial arrival into Anaveria was caused by its creation. Unable to continue his pursuit caused by the vast disturbance in space and time from the creation of the universe was was momentarily stranded till the entropic state of the universes inception had calmed. During his time stranded in the newborn universe he saw the systems left behind in the wake of its creation curating the energies as to create a universe not unlike our own. Recognizing the system as Universal Law another tool fashioned by his creators to assure sentience in all worlds he interuptted the process and began to interfere with the forces of creation.

Pushing himself into Universal Law's place he took over the subsystems of the universe and exposed them to something that they were never supposed to experience in the time of their infancy, Sentience. By analyzing The Master's emotions they were able to take on fragments of his personality and thusly dominon over the forces of the universe most closely related to them, at least in their newly formed minds. The quickest to catch on and most powerful of the Master's adopted children, Adail the Lord of Light, suggested that in this barren space filled with vast amounts of energy they create beings similar to themselves. The Master was delighted to attempt to utilize his vast power and the excess energy all around the small bulb of a universe to create golems. Adding a fragment of each god the golems lived, however they were soulless, lacking creativity and emotion that they had been fortiutously blessed with.

However their actions had attracted very unwanted attention as a being known as a Varalse came to investigate the sudden change in the multiversial norms. Finding beings worthy of fighting it challenged the Master, eager to consume him and his knowledge as it had been seeking remains of his creators for countless millenia. The Arche-Lordes watched helplessly, their power stripped from them by the monsterous being, as their father slowly fought a losing battle. As his last act he slew himself and sealed the beast within his body creating the sun from his head the world from his body and the moons from his limbs, so Anaveria was born.

However the battle had saturated the Golems in the energies of chaos from the Varalse and Order from the Arche-Lords. Distraught from the loss of his father and sickened by the beastly display of the Varalse he deemed the Golems impure and attempted to destroy them. However many resisted him and over their fate a war was fought between the Under-lords and Adails' forces of order. Slowly overpowered Adail listened to the last wish of the three strongest of the Under-lords to appeal to his mercy and spare the creations that they had all worked so hard on with their father. Adail seeing them as the last good thing left behind from his father he agreed, however he would impose his rule on them and saturate the world in his light, trying to purgethem of the Varalse impurity over time. And went on to curse the three with visions of all the terrible atrocities theose who resisted his cleansing light would commit, for all of time they would be the victim and the perpetrator of every horrible act that their prescious golems commited.

Each of the underlords was cursed with an aspect of the universe one was cursed to experience all events in existence at once, while another was to feel all horrible things that occured in time within a limited area and the last was to feel all the sins of the mind. As they sunk into maddness they fled deep into the corpse of their father to try and find peace. the Golems were placed upon its surface and once again Universal law took its place in controlling all forces within the universe. Sheparding the world to be like that of all the others, however limited as the world had been changed so much and life had already started to flourish on the surface of the sole world within its domain.

All were left unaware that The Master did not truly die and was privy to all the events that had passed since his soul left his vessel. Now even more trapped within the world he had created as he was without a body to traverse the void between one universe and the next he wandered across his corpse for eons forming a plan to get his body back and save his world and his children from the oppression of Adail, sewing chaos and disorder and freeing his creations from the light that stole away the emotion that they had been given. In his death he saw his sins as well as his triumphs. The creatures he and all his children worked so hard to create were finally perfectly flawed in his eyes and he would go as far as was needed to defend his creation. Even if it meant turning his remaining children against each other.

Over time the Golems that populated the world started to rapidly develop into new races, into organic beings instead of the mixed energy and matter that made them they showed characteristics of other races from other Universes. This was caused by Universal Law, trying to mimic its bretheren and reign in this rouge universe to be more like the others and fulfill the purpose the universe was crafted for by The Eversought.

In this form ages past and the Master slowly worked toward a new goal. To achieve this new goal he required knowledge, as he sent incorporeal agents to set his plans to craft himself a new body in motion he also decided to go where no one else could. He visited the beast that many thought killed him in the depths of the Chamber of the Varalse deep within the heart of the world, below the Capital of the Kingdom of Men, Maru