Rasiuz Orez (Rah-si-us Ore-ess) is a soldier in service to the Kirovakian Military as a Special Operations Weaponsmaster with the use of his Agony's Artifice ability that he crafted while working with his longtime friend Casic Umara. A former Mercenary convicted of murder he was forced into service where he first met Casic.

Now escorting Casic, the 2nd generation vampire Evelyn, and General Bao Guen in an attempt to save his people from multi-versial invaders.

Backstory Edit

Pre-Military Service Edit

Born into a family of nomads he was never really close to his siblings or his parents as they separated very early in life and most all children were raised by all that they traveled with. Many in these caravans ended up traveling with each other an abandoning their blood relatives for people they find to more family that others. This case was the same with Rasiuz as he ended up going along with off world travelers when he was 8 and met a young girl about the age of 10 that he ended up taking care of.