Casic Umara (Ca-sick OOM-are-uh) is a special operations medic in service to the Kirovak Empire using his magical ability the Soul Supplicant to reinforce the abilities of his allies thousands of times beyond their normal capacity. Regularly accompanied by Rasiuz Ores, has found himself indebted to the man over their several years of service in combat.

Now in service of the 2nd generation pure blood Evelyn and General Bao Guen in an attempt to save his people from invaders from another universe.


Casic was raised in the costal city of Iscran which and where a hard childhood made him grow to be a viscous loner till his early twenties when he was forced to find work defending ships from pirates in space and over water. It was here that he met Rasiuz Ores, a very boisterous and destructive man that forced his way into Casic's life becoming his best friend he had ever had. As their friendship grew from the battles that quickly became their greatest joy. So did the difficulty of the jobs they decided to take till they inevitably bit off more than they could chew and Rasiuz was mortally wounded. It was then that Casic accidently fully realized his ability and saved Rasiuz's life.

After Almost losing their lives they decided that they must become more disciplined and hone their skills if they wished to continue fighting as Rasiuz's demeanor had rubbed off on his new friend. Casic became more ambitious, not okay with just making money for protecting people he felt the need to hone this new power of his till it reached perfection, and Rasiuz was the perfect test subject, willing and able. After a few years of obsessive training and combat under the Kirovakian military they became Special Operations Executors tasked with high class defense missions usually of VIP's